Croatian Volunteer Development Center (CVDC) (previous name: Croatian Volunteer Centre Network) was established as a non-formal organization in 2008 and reached its formal status by registering in 2015 as a non-profit organization in Croatia.

CVDC aims to contribute to build an open, democratic and vibrant society based on active participation of its citizens. The primary mission is to lead the development and support the strengthening of resources for the affirmation of volunteering in Croatia.

CVDC encourages the development of volunteerism in Croatia through 4 main areas with strategic goals:

(I) Promotion and information,

(II) Capacity building and knowledge and quality management,

(III) Connectivity, networking and advocacy,

(IV) Strengthening organizational capacities.


  • regularly monitors European and international trends in perception, positioning and development of volunteering in order to implement the examples of best practice and innovation in Croatia
  • regularly monitors the current state of all aspects of volunteering in Croatia and proposes policies and interventions for development based on the established needs
  • works on standardizing and improving the quality of the most important stakeholders necessary for the development of volunteering
  • develops efficient, rational and quality-based network of around 30 volunteer centers that will best suit the needs of local communities
  • establishes and develops tools for continuous promotion and incentives for volunteering
  • improves the quality of education in the field of volunteerism

CVDC cooperates with different national and international stakeholders, including civil society organizations, public institutions and bodies, business organizations and media.